Facebook Marketing Tips For Real Estate Industry

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Facebook Marketing Tips For Real Estate Industry: Social media marketing is the most important buzzword nowadays. You should be able to mention three of the popular social networking platforms. The question is “Do you know how to use them effectively?”

Facebook Marketing Tips

In this article, we will be looking at tips and tricks to help you use social media to your advantage.

Facebook Marketing Tips

In a layman’s term, Facebook is a social media platform that allows people to share your opinion with others through status updates, images and small applications. Your main page is known as your wall and it shows the updates of all your friends.

People use Facebook to maintain communication with friends from college, high school, family members, colleagues at work etc.

To use Facebook as a real estate agent, provide your personal information including college and high school that you attended. Add pictures of yourself, your spouse, travel pictures, your kids (if you are okay with that, you can choose who will see your photo).

Social marketing is about allowing others share a part in your life. The more you are comfortable with sharing your daily life, the better response you will be getting. Facebook is a powerful tool because it allows for more detailed discussion as well as quick updates.

For real estate agents, the best use of Facebook is to remain fresh in the minds of friends and previous clients. An important thing about Facebook is that if a former client makes a post on your wall, all of their friends will see the post. Your former clients will also see any message that you post on their wall as well.

Consider that for a minute, if all of your former clients have 400 friends on Facebook; that would be 400 potential referrals who are privy to your interaction with a previously satisfied client. Imagine the number of deals that you would expect if you got an invitation to spend your weekend at someone’s house with 400 of their closest friend?

Engage your former clients in a conversation. Discuss with them as though they are sitting together with you on the same table. If their kids look beautiful in their picture, say so! You may be amazed at how easy the conversation will go with such a person.

A lot of real estate agents sometimes think about avoiding the social aspect of Facebook and rather use the platform as a pay per click tool. The attraction for this strategy is that you will be paying about 10 cents ($0.10) per click for this service. As soon as you sign up for Facebook, one thing you will notice is that you do not bother to give attention to the ads showing on the right hand side of the screen.

Frankly speaking, you do not sign up on Facebook for someone to market something to you; it can be annoying sometimes. This is the reason why advertising on Facebook is cheaper than Google Adwords.

How it works on Facebook is: Start a conversation with me, if I like you and it seems to me that you are a professional real estate agent who is competent in the profession, I can then do business with you.

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